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What is the application of the uPVC wall panel (marbling/wooden/wall paper imitation texture)?

These panels have been widely used for interior wall/kitchen/bathroom/cabinet/TV - background/pillar/table-top/door-laminated.

What is the standard size?

Size: 1220mm x 2440mm
Thickness: 3mm
Remarks: Standardized size. Exactly as required.

What kind of technology have you adopted?

A -> Mixing uPVC Resin & calcium carbonate powder and other assistant.
B -> Extrusion Molding
C -> Heat Transfer Printing
D -> Cutting
E -> UV coating
F -> Protective Film Applied
G -> Packing

What is the use of aluminum tees/alloy strips?

Aluminum strips for fixing the panel and also for decoration
1 piece = 3 meters in length

a) I-strip -> applied between two panels
b) External strip -> applied for corner

What is the use of moduling and how to stick it? (by the same glue or by nails?)

It is used for decorating and can be fixed using SR HeatX for temporary fixing and silicon sealant for permanent fixing.

Which tool is used for beveling?

Beveling machine is used.

What is the life span of the product?

15 years at least for interior application.

Used for interior or for exterior

Interior decoration only.

Do you have any certificate for burning behaviour?

Nonflammable : classification for burning behaviour of burning materials and products according to GB8624-2012 Class B1
Formaldehyde emission limit of interior decoration materials, wood-based panel and products according to GB18580-2001 0.1mg/L

What is the hardness of the panel?

There is no special hardness data for panel, but hardness of UV paint is ≥ 3H.

Temperature of hot printing?

140 degree Celsius.